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Project Description

Competitiveness of European economy requires citizens and particularly young people to be innovative, creative, flexible and courageous to face challenges in a dynamic and volatile economy. In one word, young people need to become ‘entrepreneurs’. Different forms of work-based learning have been implemented in Europe; however, apprenticeships are focused on the specific vocational skills, required in the specialisation and not on the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills.
Filling this gap, the App.Mod.E. project wants to develop an apprenticeship model for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills by students in upper secondary and higher vocational education and training. The direct target group are VET trainers and companies involved in apprenticeship programmes, yet, the final beneficiaries are students enrolled in upper secondary and higher VET schools and centres. The general objective of the project is to support upper secondary and higher VET students to acquire entrepreneurial mindset and competences, through an apprenticeship model.

Project Details