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Project Description

The project aims at developing digital literacy for elder citizens and especially learning basics on how to program. The Digital Agenda is so much relevant to the EC, that it is one of the 7 pillars of the Europe 2020 Strategy, proposing to better exploit the potential of ICTs in order to foster innovation, economic growth and progress across Europe. But, although the ICT is part of daily life for many Europeans, some parts of the population are still excluded from media literacy in the digital environment: 30% of EU citizens have never used internet at all!
Therefore, the project goal is to make elderly people, a relevant part of European population, active players and citizens, fine-tuned with current trends and digital competences required by our hyper-connected world. Namely, the projects aims at developing digital skills of elderly people, not just by teaching a passive use of digital devices, but by making them able to program and actively learn basics of coding.

Project Details