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Project Description

The project WOMENPOWERCODE aims to educate adult women (with ages above 40), in order for them to understand and learn coding to improve their daily life by using INTERNET OF THINGS.

The main premise states that it is never too late to acquire Knowledge, Skills and Competences in any field of learning. WOMENPOWERCODE is a 36-month long project, aimed at adult women who are looking for new challenges and want to acquire literacy, numeracy or digital skills. The theoretical results/products of the project will link mothers with daughters in a common process of learning in order to find out together which are the benefits of using IoT, but also to master the Knowledge, Skills and Competences for introducing IoT for Smart Living. This project has a double goal: acquiring knowhow and empowering women’s Generations X and Y, who don’t have the native digital skills and need to update with the new technologies and start making use of them, but also to stimulate the new generation of girls (Millennial Generation), who have native digital skills, but in comparison with the same generation of boys, they are not that interested in tackling the STEM arena.

Project Details