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Project Description

The project aims to improve competences and skills in the rural tourism sector, in particular for the hospitality and services industry, by developing the contents related to the Experiential tourism approach.
Experiential tourism is a current tourism trend well recognized at the level of touristic services, tour operator or incoming agancies while is not well exploited by the hospitality sector.
Experiential tourism has become the current term encompassing a variety of tourism and travelers categories, including the following: cultural tourism, ecotourism, educational travel, experimental tourism, heritage tourism and nature tourism, where activities are environmentally sensitive, displaying respect for the culture of the host area and looking to experience and learn rather than merely stand back and gaze.
In order to achieve its goals the project will develop a training path and related tools aiming to equip tourist professionals with the right skills to implement an experiential approach and highly customized marketing skills and competences.

Project Details