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Project Description

The project objective is to foster FOOTWEAR VET sector and equip young people with the right skills and competences accountable at EU level following the EU Quality Framework and European Credit VET system (ECVET).
The aim is to develop a new curriculum of the “SHOEMAKER” at the level of the engineering and manufacturing process, starting from the experiences of those EU countries that have a long tradition in the sector, both at vocational and economic level. To achieve this goal the project will develop the following actions:
– Define the new curriculum by sharing the experiences of Germany, Portugal and Poland, enhancing each other
– Introduce training contents according to labor market needs and updated with the most innovative technological tools available;
– Define a training model recognized at EU level by answering to ECVET principles and work base learning practices;
– Facilitate the employability of young people enrolled in footwear training courses.

Project Details