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Project Description

Flavours of Europe is a two-year project co-funded by the European Commission with the Erasmus plus programme. It is a project that seeks to achieve a series of objectives with gastronomy as a unifying point.

Food and gastronomy embody agricultural practices, landscape, local history and traditions, symbolizing the cultural heritage of territory and are becoming ever more relevant in improving the economic and environmental sustainability of both tourism and agriculture. Food serves as a strong connection between nature and human society bringing together land, heritage and the people. It is a diverse and dynamic channel for sharing stories, forming relationships and building communities.

The project presents some responses to the Covid-19 crisis, which generated more poverty and more pressure on adults, mainly women in remote and disadvantaged rural areas. It aims to show how adults, women and NGOs in rural areas can cope with emergencies and lay the groundwork for rethinking the current crisis as a crucial turning point for resilient development of rural territories, through projects linked to gastronomy.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Develop until 2023 a new educational curriculum for increasing skills of more than 800 adults, especially women with reduced opportunities from rural deprived areas on the building of inclusive community development through gastronomy heritage tourism.
  • Improve competences of more than 800 adults in 2023 from rural areas, willing to establish a local gastronomy point by providing to their courses on basic digital skills, entrepreneurial competences, legal framework knowledge and smart use of digital marketing technologies.
  • Support more than 400 women in poor rural communities (out of the 800 adults of the project target group) to develop and transform their cooking traditional practices and knowledge into a sustainable tourism business and to create powerful relationships between communities and the private sector until 2023.
  • Support 8 local learning tourism environments (comprised of more than 80 tourism stakeholders) by creating for them in 2023 a training kit useful for providing tailored education, skills development and training opportunities to adults from a deprived rural area.

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