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Project Description

Heliculture Serious Game for the promotion of sustainable snail cultivation businesses focusing on exports – SnailVille is an Erasmus + project in the adult education field, started in December 2020, with a duration of 24 months.

The project aims to create a training game on heliculture in order to guide low-skilled adults who are interested in starting a business in the heliculture field.

Snail farming is a very advantageous sector because it doesn’t need a huge capital to start and could be a very profitable opportunity, especially in rural areas. Furthermore, the importance of the snail farming market in Europe is growing and there is a strong demand for snail meat, which European countries cannot satisfy.

The training game should prepare low-skilled adults to minimize the risks related to this type of breeding and to maximize profits, but also increase their digital skills.

The project’s partners are experts in various key sectors important for the project such as training courses, support for entrepreneurs in the development of their business, education, etc.

The consortium is composed by:

  • The coordinator of the project:
    • CIVIC COMPUTING LIMITED (United Kingdom)
  • The partners of the project:
    • ATERMON B.V (Netherlands)

The immersive gaming experience is designed on the specific needs of the target group and it will be successful in teaching them how to manage every aspect of heliculture.


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