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Project Description

Build your future piece by piece – BuildIT! is an Erasmus + project in the adult education field, started in November 2020, with a duration of 24 months.

The project aims to share an innovative educational methodology to provide useful tools and know-how to adult educators in their teaching programs.

Through this method, called Building Based Upskilling (BBU), educators and trainers may involve their learners in a learning experience based on construction games, as Lego, puzzles and building blocks in order to make understandable visual and abstract concepts in the real world.

The principal target group of these new strategies is NEETs and, in the second place, low-skilled adults. They represent a challenge for trainers for their lack of motivation to follow learning courses. Europe has a growing issue with this part of the population who remain out of the labor market. Using BBU, we can support NEETs and disadvantaged people, or unemployed ones, to improve their education skills and transversal competences, as well as help educators to involve learners in more understandable and accessible education giving them more possibilities to enter the labour work.

Five partner organizations are involved in different aspects of the project to realize a Handbook of strategic activities based on the methodology of BBU, representing the main Intellectual Output of BuildIT!

The consortium is composed by:

  • DAFO Gestión Estratégica S.L., Spain
  • TOPCOACH SRO, Slovakia
  • Ligue de l’Enseignement Nouvelle Aquitaine, France
  • Eurocrea Merchant SRL, Italy

The innovative value of this Intellectual Output is to represent a free educational resource and a new source of knowledge addressed to educators in order to improve their teaching method and their abilities, as well as to represent the potential solution for the lack of adult strategic skills. The Handbook will be divided into twelve modules that will explain how to develop the fundamental skills known as “transversal competences”.

The Handbook will represent an innovative tool BBU-based transferable to other sectors and to other levels of education as school education, higher education, and youth sector. It will be accessible and available on the most relevant platforms in the educational field.

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