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Transparency of Learning Outcomes through Blockchain Technology – TRUE project aims to develop an integrated training strategy for the uptake of blockchain technology in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Europe.

One of the issues evidenced at the proposal stage was the little standardisation of student records in European universities. Currently, there are two credits standards used at tertiary level, i.e. ECTS (for Universities) and ECVET (for VET institutions). What is missing is a common understanding and interpretation of metadata for these credit systems. In addition, all degrees issued within the European Higher Education Area are provided to graduates with a diploma supplement describing the degree in standard forms. However, there are no standards for computer-readable data regarding diploma supplements and their digital version can be easily counterfeit or not even be recognized. Moreover, paper-based diplomas often get lost over time.

Blockchain technology, which is basically constituted by blocks linked through cryptography, can help overcome these issues, by making data and information highly resistant to modification, in a distributed and decentralized way. According to the paper “Blockchain in Education”, issued in 2017 by the Joint Research Centre, using blockchain for automatic recognition and transfer of credits would make a learner’s entire educational history instantly visible and verifiable.

To support the attainment of a more trustworthy common European standard, in line with the wide Bologna process reform, TRUE project will develop three intellectual outputs:

  • A baseline knowledge pack describing the potential of blockchain technology for the HE system, including a Competence Framework for the Blockchain Expert;
  • A Massive Online and Open Course (MOOC) on blockchain, which will include training contents and tools for HEIs’ staff;
  • A Serious Game providing an innovative learning experience on blockchain.

Blockchain has the potential to solve one of higher education’s most burdensome challenges: making the case for a system where many people keep verified and trusted information. The partnership, which is composed by SMEs, universities and an organization with a solid experience in developing blockchain solutions, will be guided by this idea throughout project’s implementation.

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