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Project Description

TABLE project intends to deliver a completely innovative training system based on micro-learning opportunities for i-VET teachers in the furniture and wood sector, promoting, also, the teaching of relevant green skills for the job market.

As international and multilateral organizations continue promoting the circular economy and awareness of ecological issues, unprecedented shifts in skills requirements are taking place. These changes include shifts in the ways in which jobs are performed, the emergence of new skilled occupations and the greening of existing jobs. The achievement of a sustainable economy requires a stronger integration between skills and employment development policies into a green economic agenda.

TABLE project fits into this perspective by providing to teachers new knowledge about environmental sustainability and reduction of consumption of natural resources to increase the engagement of students into VET programmes related to furniture and wood.

The project will aim to achieve three main objectives:

  1. Improve environmental sustainability through education
  2. Ensure a quality culture in VET programmes
  3. Enhance access to VET training and qualifications for all

The partnership includes 6 organizations from 5 different countries (France, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain). All partners will cooperate for the development of two intellectual outputs, supporting the attainment of the abovementioned objectives:

  • Educational tips: learning snacks for i-VET teachers in the furniture and wood sector
  • Guidelines for the proper implementation of the Education for Sustainable Development into VET course in the field of furniture and wood

These two outputs will provide proper support to i-VET teachers and professional training providers, by giving them accurate guidelines on how to implement and deliver the online learning environment and learning material with an innovative and participatory approach. Moreover, the “learning snacks” format will also allow them to increase their knowledge and skills about sustainable practices in the most flexible way. I-VET teachers will have the chance to learn anytime, anywhere and according to their needs, improving, the overall quality of their teaching.

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