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Project Description

The project aims to equip adults living in rural areas with the right digital skills to become “digitally competent citizens”, allowing them to access to lifelong learning activities improving their daily life and providing them new job opportunities.

According to EU recommendations, key competences are important for each individual, both for personal development and for integration in social, cultural and professional environments. However, there is a large sector of the population, especially adults in rural areas, who do not have access to the digital world and do not acquire the digital skills needed to be fully active and participate in the civic and social spheres and their processes, yet. Many of their activities are becoming increasingly digitized (responsible use of digital technologies in the context of daily work, but also in the context of social life, communication with technology, digital content creation), but they are not being able of using them without skills and knowledge in this area.

To increase the number of adults with adequate digital skills for the job market and the fulfilment of a richer life, the NO ONE BEHIND project will:

  • Create an innovative methodology for teaching digital and ICT skills to adults living in rural areas;
  • Elaborate a training manual constituted by 5 modules based on the 5 areas of competence presented in the DigComp;
  • Establish a board game that will make the training in digital skills more interesting and engaging for the learners.

The project partnership consists of 7 organizations and it will focus on adult educators (social workers, teachers, mentors, professors and other professionals who work with adults), adults from rural areas willing to improve their daily lives, to change their job or to find new opportunities. Moreover, the project will also indirectly target stakeholders, namely education centres and other organizations, public bodies active in local and regional development, decision-makers in the field of education.

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